hiv testing & Counselling (htc)


To be the entry point to HIV prevention, care, treatment and support services through provision of quality HIV testing and counseling to the Kenyan population.


Universal knowledge of HIV status

What the Program does

HTC program oversees all issues of HIV testing and counselling nationally. It is responsible for development of policies and guidelines required for proper implementation of HIV testing and counselling services.

Partners involved

  • There is a technical working group that deliberates on HTC issues including review of guidelines and development of new policies. The partners represented in this technical working group are CDC, WHO, USAID, LVCT, JICA, JHPIEGO,



  • HIV testing and counselling has been made accessible to Kenyans up to their doorstep. New strategies have been implemented to improve access to HTC services. These include home based testing, workplace programs, mobile outreaches and annual HTC campaigns. Health facilities now offer HTC as part of routine patient care. Policy documents have been developed to guide HTC implementation at facility and community level The Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan 3 target for HTC is 80% of knowledge of HIV status by 2013. Current HTC coverage is 58% among women and 42% among men (KDHS 2008/9). Currently about 5million people are tested annually.


Ongoing Activities

  • Annual HTC campaigns. The brand name is JITAMBUE LEO, meaning know your status. The campaigns are targeted at either the general population or specific subpopulations that are unreached by routine HTC services. In the year 2010, there were two campaigns, one in June during the World cup, targeting men, (1.5million people tested and another one in December, targeting outpatients in health facilities. (1.1m tested) In the year 2011, the JITAMBUE LEO campaign focused on couples and messages were targeted at sexual partners to know their HIV status together. (220,000 couples tested). This year 2012, regional mini-campaigns have been organized for Nyanza, Coast and North rift. The HTC campaign is integrated with other services such as hand hygiene, deworming, BMI and BP measurements, oral hygiene etc. The focus is on family testing. It runs from 13 th June to 19 th June 2012 and the target is to reach 30,000 clients.
    The HTC Report 2011: the first ever report to document progress of HTC since its inception to date. The document is available on the website.
    Review of couples HTC curriculum; following release of new W.H.O guidelines on couples HTC, the program has undertaken a review of existing couples curriculum and a pilot is ongoing.

    Model sites /Centers of excellence : Using the National Quality Management Guidance (NQMG), sites have been identified for upgrading to model site status with support of JICA SPEAK 2 and JHPIEGO. The sites will be supported to achieve and maintain the quality standards set in the NQMG, and then other sites will use them as learning/mentorship centers.


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